Mission Statement

The AVAS mission is to:

Promote and improve patient safety and clinical outcomes; develop a standard of excellence in the field of vascular access; promote the development in national standards of practice; provide professional development and quality education; develop and share best practices; and promote ongoing vascular access research." 


President – Rebecca Sharp

Vice President – Mark Sutherland

Treasurer – Felicity Mclaren

Secretary –    Kim Gibson

Board Members

State Representative – NSW  Tanya Flynn

State Representative – QLD    Penny Stevens

State Representative – VIC      Kerrie Curtis

State Representative – ACT     Kerry Taliaferro

State Representative – SA       Colin Ireland

State Representative – WA      Linda Coventry

State Representative – NT      Rebecca Schultz

State Representative – TAS       Nicola Isles/ Rowan Bridley

Advisory Panel

Newsletter Editor     Kim Gibson

Academic Liaison     Nicole Marsh

Industry Liaison       Marguerita Cirillo

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