Mission Statement

The AVAS mission is to:

Promote and improve patient safety and clinical outcomes; develop a standard of excellence in the field of vascular access; promote the development in national standards of practice; provide professional development and quality education; develop and share best practices; and promote ongoing vascular access research." 


President – Nicholas Mifflin

Nicholas is a Nurse with a background in intensive care nursing though has specialised in vascular access. He is involved in vascular access research, clinical education at an undergraduate and postgraduate level for Nursing and Medical training programs.



Vice President – Mark Sutherland


Treasurer – Felicity Mclaren

Felicity is a Nurse Practitioner in Vascular Access and has a background in Adult Intensive Care. Felicity coordinates the vascular access service which includes managing patients with complex vascular access needs and insertion and management of central venous access devices across the hospital.



Secretary –    Kim Gibson

Kim is a Lecturer in Nursing at the University of South Australia and has a clinical background in neonatal intensive care nursing. Kim's research interests are in improving the health outcomes of neonates, and more specifically in neonatal vascular access. Kim is currently undertaking a PhD investigating the incidence and risk factors for umbilical catheter-related adverse events. To find out more about Kim, visit her staff homepage.

Board Members

State Representative – NSW  Tanya Flynn

State Representative – QLD    Nigel Barr

State Representative – VIC      Kerrie Curtis

State Representative – ACT     Kerry Taliaferro

State Representative – SA       Shaun Peterson

State Representative – WA      Ulrich Steinwandel

State Representative – NT      Rebecca Schultz

State Representative – TAS       Nicola Isles/ Rowan Bridley

Advisory Panel

Newsletter Editor     Kim Gibson

Academic Liaison     Nicole Marsh

Industry Liaison       Marguerita Cirillo