Journal Partnership with the Canadian Vascular Access Association

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA) to provide an opportunity for AVAS members to disseminate clinical innovations and research in their open-access journal ‘Vascular Access.’ This partnership provides AVAS members an opportunity to disseminate their work and offers both AVAS and CVAA members access to a broader range of leading-edge theories, developments, research, and practices.

Access the journal HERE

CVAA shares AVAS’s commitment to improving and setting standards for vascular access and infusion therapy and promoting best practice in this specialized field. The journal is open access which allows you to share your work with no copyright restrictions and all manuscripts published by AVAS members will be acknowledged with the AVAS logo.

Vascular Access, the CVAA journal, is published three times a year and provides excellent information regarding every aspect of vascular access and infusion therapy.

Aim & Scope: As the journal of the Canadian Vascular Access Association, Vascular Access is dedicated to improving the practice of vascular access and infusion therapy and establishing standards of excellence in this specialized field. Using a rigorous double-blind peer review process, we present leading edge theories, research, and practice in an open access forum, adding to the global knowledge bank through a variety of resources – including research studies, literature reviews, and trial protocols – relevant to the advancement of vascular access and infusion therapy best practice.

To submit your manuscripts: please email them to and we will send them to CVAA. The manuscripts will be subject to the usual regular peer review and publication process, and published in the journal, Vascular Access.

We look forward to a valuable partnership with CVAA. Watch for the AVAS logo in the next journal issue to find articles from this partnership.